disclaimer.. this site and it's code are work in progress. There are issues with it but I wanted to put it out there while I work on it, rather than never release it perfect. Thanks for taking an interest while it all comes together.

Get in touch with me at james@thechipfactory.co.uk..

James Hamilton

Creative + Coder

Executive Summary

  • currently at Axelspace as designer/engineer
  • ~4 years front end developer at DMM in Tokyo
  • 10+ years freelance web/graphic designer/developer/consultant in London
  • 20+ years using Photoshop & Illustrator
  • 30+ years since I touched my first computer
  • graduated BA(hons) Menswear fashion design from Central St Martins
  • broad experience working with people of all levels, from individuals to creatives to executives
  • interested in learning and expanding and being surrounded by smart creative motivated people
  • Portfolio PDF (18MB)


In 2013 I moved to Tokyo where I currently work at Axelspace, a satellite company where we design, build and launch satellites. Part of my work involves web design and user side web development, using React, Typescript and a number of other modern web technologies. I also work on the development of the image processing pipeline for preparing satellite image data for customer use.

Previous to Axelspace I worked DMM.com as front end engineer for around 4 years.

Before moving to Japan I spent 10+ years as a freelancer in London, where I gathered broad experience, working with clients on tech and web projects, and graphics and print. My university background was originally in mens fashion design, so I naturally started providing design services to fashion related clients, including a few Royal Warrant holders (companies endorsed by the British Royal Family). I have also worked in a few creative agencies on large-client projects for Sony, Coke, Unilever, Fiat, and for individuals, artists, designers and small business owners. My design background means I think visually but I enjoy technical challenges and aim to pursue more technical work over pure design.

I have used Photoshop and Illustrator for 20 or so years, been playing with HTML since the late 90s.. These days my daily work life is split between planning how best to serve users, building prototypes and writing production code, or on the command line hacking together bash scripts.

One notable experience, in 2011/12 for 9 months I was the sole technical and design lead of an online service startup, and although the startup wasn't successful it was a painful but amazing experience.

I have taken part in a couple of hackathons, one in London where our team won with 'last sandwich'.. a service to help food retailers connect with customers at the end of the day to reduce food waste. Another fashion technology related hackathon at Google in Tokyo with Hearst.

Skills/Specialties: Idea to implementation, problem solving, front end development, API mockups - JavaScript, AJAX, HTML & CSS, PHP, Photoshop & Illustrator.

I am always studying to broaden my knowledge, I have and plan to continue working my way through a number of udacity.com courses on computer science, machine learning and statistics.

My wife is from Tokyo, and I have been studying Japanese for a number of years.


JavaScript HTML CSS PHP Python Bash git

Photoshop since 1995
Illustrator 15+ years


DMM October 2013 - July 2017 (~4 years)

This was my first full time job after 10 years of freelance, and also my first job in Japan.

I was the lead front end developer on a small team (adult overseas division), so I was involved in most core site functionality, from concept and wireframe, to design and coding. I also worked closely with the system team on integration, and had meetings in both English and Japanese. We used git extensively and maintained a number of internal repos. There are over 200 templates and case configurations for desktop and mobile (it's a large site with ~250k products).

Since we were selling access to video content, I have worked on integrating Silverlight, Flash, HTML5 video (including HLS for protected content), and external protocols to Windows Store applications, HTML5 subtitled content for mobile, and license and payment related flows under PCI DSS.

I worked on a number of personal experimental side projects whilst at DMM, including rebuilding portions of the site with new technologies, making prototypes in AngularJS and React etc.

To get to know the product catalog of our site better, I scraped around 100,000 pages, writing a number of scraping tools in bash, JavaScript and Python. Using CouchDB (map/reduce) to give me the basis for mock APIs that I could build experimental catalog pages against.

For another side project I wrote some scripts to visualise and answer some curiosities I had about the sales data, identifying some broad trends that I felt could be addressed with possible design/strategy changes.

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